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A 15 year old girl has shared a prayer request seeking prayers for, above all else,strength. She is struggling with some things in life that have taken her strength and her joy from her, causing her to put up a front for the public to see, all the while experiencing tremendous conflict on the inside. She says in her request, "But the sad part about my life is, no one knows what my life is truly like under the surface....all I'm asking for is for someone to pray to give me strength and to stay strong! please! thank you..."

Received: April 24, 2013

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Rev. Alexey Shepelev of Apple-Russia

Shalom, dear friends!

On April 17th I underwent the aneurism surgery. Unfortunately, the aneurism appeared to be thrice larger than it was expected. As a result, the price increased up to $12,000 more. But the Lord provided these funds even before the surgery, so we'll be able to pay for it.

The Lord showed His grace to us even two hours before our going to the clinic - Anya and I were able to get Holy Communion. I'm thankful for this to the Lord, and His servant Christian Rasmussen, pastor of the Lutheran "Emmanuel" congregation in Tel-Aviv-Yaffa.

During the surgery the doctors had to place two stents instead of one. Now, according to their prognosis, my aneurism is cured. However, I'll have to come back for the follow-up examination half a year and a year later. While I was at the hospital, one of the doctors named Valentin introduced me to his colleagues as "here is our pastor." On April 19th I left the hospital and moved to the hotel.

We arrived to Israel during the celebrations of Independence Day. Many Jews waited for this day for hundreds of years, and for us it was a good symbol of the Lord answering the prayers of His children. The Lord gave me the opportunity to keep serving Him as well as He gave the second chance to the land of Israel.

Thanks again to everyone for prayers and support! We plan to return to Moscow next week, then we'll send the new update.

Please feel free to share this with your churches and thank them for their prayers!

Alexey and Anna Shepelev. Moscow - Tel-Aviv.

Received: April 21, 2013

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Rev. Alexey Shepelev

Surgery to repair a brain aneurism was accomplished in Tel Aviv, Israel for Alexey while his wife, Anna, waited. Rev. Alexey works for Apple of His Eye Mission Society in Moscow, Russia and around eastern Europe. This is an outreach to traditional Jews, and Apple is associated with the LCMS. Almost $50,000 was raised for this surgery, which isn't available in Russia. Please offer praise and thanks to God that Rev. Alexey's surgery was successful. He is now in recovery recuperating.

Received: April 18, 2013

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Prayed for 13 times.

Lynn Johnson

My dear friends, Leah and David Ortiz of Ariel, Israel, write asking for prayers that their son, Ami Ortiz (20), will be covered by the National Insurance in Israel. The Israeli Defense Ministry has denied he is a hate crime victim, thus denying him this coverage. This is in spite of the fact that Arab victims of the same terrorist who so badly injured Ami in the Purim box bombing of March \\'08 have been granted this coverage. Ami will be needing many surgeries over his lifetime as a result of this incident. The Ortiz family is pursuing a turnaround in this IDM decision with their lawyer. Strategic prayer is badly needed.

Received: April 17, 2013

Kris Bruesehoff

Please pray for our son Cole, we just found out that his Graves' disease is no longer in remission.

Received: April 10, 2013

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